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The Korean Packaging Association has shown incredible growth since its establishment in 1991,

As the newly assigned Chairman of this honorable association,I will devote myself and faithfully carry out my duties to the best of my ability to achieve the principles and objectives set forth by this foundation.
Together with all members of the Packaging industry of Korea,I would like to propose the following pledges for continued growth and development;

1.Lead the packaging industry through co-prosperity of all associated members.

2.Establish and develop the culture within the industry and also drive equal trade and business opportunities through strengthening and expansion of R&D.

3.Pursue Globalization and international competitiveness of the domestic packaging industry by sharing the latest market information,holding seminars for higher visibility of the industry arena and through strategic alliance with international partners.

4.Create a solid foundation of principles and policies that will drive the direction of Packaging industry of Korea to future prosperity.

As a first step to achieve and realize these objectives, our website was newly developed to become the key gateway for future growth and development,will not only vitalize communication and interaction between the local members but also provide connectivity to other associations,institutes and foreign industry entities within the packaging industry.

Dong Ho,Shin